At the Laser Hive we make flexibility our top priority – choose the pricing structure that works best for you.



Pricing is in our home currency of GBP and, for your security as well as ours, we exclusively accept Paypal for online transactions. When you shop with Paypal sellers never get to know any of your card details as they are processed by Paypal off site. You can be sure then that your details are always safe when you shop at the laser hive.

We welcome customers from all around the world no matter what your own currency may be. Transactions are simple – just go through the checkout process and,  before final payment is authorised, Paypal will do the currency conversion for you. If you are buying in USD, Euros etc then please note that the actual price you pay will vary according to whatever currency exchange rate is applied by paypal on the day.

Pricing Structures

For services and bespoke items outside of the online store we offer two pricing structures for commission work: time based and quote based.

Time based

For local clients, if you come to the laser hive with your own designs and materials, then you can effectively buy laser time.


1-3 hours at £15 per hour;

Half day (up to four hours) – £50;

Full day (up to eight hours) – £80

You purchase the 4 hour and 8 hour deals up front and, for any time not used during your first cutting session,  you retain some ‘laser credit’. This way you can come back and use the balance over multiple visits.

If you think you’ll be coming back then the pricing structure means it makes sense to buy your time up front. We always operate the laser for you – so don’t worry, you can go away and pick up the finished products when they are done.

At your first visit we will check to make sure any cutting files are exactly right and we will do a time check for you so you can see how long the laser process is likely to take.  We will do everything we can to make sure that your precious time with us is not wasted. Time paid for is actual time on site.*

If you don’t have (or want to supply) materials then we can get them for you of course.

*Note: for time based pricing please make sure you have talked through the design prior to your visit to make sure it is more or less ready to cut. If it is truely “ready to go” then time starts as soon as the “Go” button is pressed on the laser and finishes after you have cut your last design. Time charged for includes the time between taking completed cuts off the bed and setting up for the next run etc. and it  also includes any cleaning time that might be needed during a long session – some materials leave residue on the laser cutting bed that needs to be cleaned off between cutting runs to avoid fire hazard. Friendly advice throughout and initial set up time before setting the laser in motion is provided free of charge. 


Quote – or “Whole Job” –  based

If you are not local (you might be on the other side of the world as many of our clients are) I am happy to quote for jobs based on a materials and time charge. We will quote on each design and will then charge for it up front.

Help with designs and formats

I work in CorelDraw X5, but that does not mean your file needs to be in that format. I can work with many file types including autocad, adobe illustrator, PNG, pdf, jpg, jpeg and SVG type files. Conversions can often simply be made from jpegs, pdfs and png files and no charge for file conversion is made by us unless pre-agreed – in reality we hardly ever charge for format changing unless we can see that it will take a long time or unless manual tracing is required.

If in doubt about a design, why not email it to me and I can advise on whether it is a simple conversion to do.

If you are local to Hebden Bridge I am also very happy to meet with you for an initial chat about whether laser cutting is right for you and your project and we can go through the practicalities together, free of charge.