Powermac G5 conversion products

 Our Range of Powermac G5 Conversion Products

G5 mATX conversion kits


These kits are now available in two versions “Original” and “120mm Fan”.

G5 Full ATX conversion kits

These kits are available now in “Original”, “High 120”, “Low 120” and “with PSU mount” versions.

For full details of the various kits  – including now our range of FULL ATX kits and for detailed pricing information please see the drop down menu pages from the menu bar.


Some things to help you when choosing which kit to buy.


Original or 120? 

As it sounds, our “Original” kits keep the look of the G5 with the twin 92mm fan holder, while our  “120” kits  are especially directed towards using the hugely popular 120 fan sizing and also allows the direct fitment of 120mm water cooling solutions.


What does “High” and “Low” mean?

Our High kits place the PCI-e slots high up at the back of the G5 case.

Pros: This configuration allows a maximum amount of room at the base of the case, and they are also compatible with the re-location of your PSU into the original G5 PSU enclosure.

Cons: To fit these kits you will need to cut the top shelf of the G5 and re-locate the original hard drive cage elsewhere (a popular choice is to mount it upside down and connected to the top shelf at the front of the case. You will not have room to fit a full size optical drive in the original position.

Our Low kits place the PCI-e slots low at the back of the G5 case.

Pros: This configuration does not need you to cut the top shelf and you can leave the HD Cage and Optical drive in their original positions.

Cons: This configuration does not allow you the possibility of re-bodying your ATX PSU into the original G5 PSU enclosure. You will need to either put your ATX PSU on the floor of the case and make up a small power supply extension lead to reach it or, if you choose to mount your PSU on the top shelf (it is a tight squeeze but it can be done), then you will need to make an extension lead and run it internally up to the top shelf area.

The “Low” kit is available in two configurations – one with a hole for a Power Supply socket to help you to implement and internal power supply extension lead and one without the hole.

Please note – there is no “Original” “Low” kit because there is simply not enough room on the G5 backplate to implement such a configuration.


What is the “G5 Full ATX with PSU Mount” kit and why do you make it?

This kit includes an ATX compliant PSU mount at the top of the replacement backplate.

This provides a few advantages. By mounting the PSU in this manner, you do not risk the voiding of your PSU warranty (as you would if you re-bodied your PSU into the G5 ATX PSU case), you do not need to make any internal extension cords to hook it up and you mount it as far back in the case as is possible – potentially freeing up a little more space inside the G5 and allowing a 5.25″ Optical Drive to be mounted in the original position. Wiring can be routed under the motherboard and tidied away. Another nice feature is that by mounting the supply like this you do not need to worry about any extra “earthing” of your G5 as the case of the PSU is mounted metal – to – metal to the G5 case. So the power supply earth will directly earth the G5 case. Last but not least, the 120 fan hole is positioned to allow all in one 120mm water coolers to be used.


What makes the laser hive kits special?


Notable advantages over other panel conversions are:

1. The back is left as “open” as possible to retain the great airflow characteristics of the G5.

2. In our “Original” conversions, the conversion features repositioning of the original fan mountings to allow you to either keep the original fans or to mount new 92mm fans in the original housing.

3. In our micro ATX (mATX) conversion kits the original PCI slots are retained, so there is no awkward cutting out of the original slots and grafting on of new ones – it keeps the original plastic sleeve around them too for a neat finish.

4. In all of our kits the mount holes for the backplates line up with where there are already perforations in the original case so you can use m3 screws and nuts (which are supplied as part of your order) to fit all in place.

5. No need for you to cut a universal type backplate to trim to size.

6. If your own cuts to the G5 case aren’t neat the backplate will cover them up!

7. Our motherboard trays fit around some of the original standoff locations – so you get everything in the right place. The motherboard trays are also an excellent buy on their own if you are thinking of making a “no-cut” or “small-cut” conversion as in that case you can mount everything to the PCI slots trouble free and have minimal cutting to the back panel to feed your cables in and out.

8. As an option for our kits we can supply our “The Next Generation” motherboard trays which locate solely by means of the shelf mount points and the lower case screws – meaning that you can remove all of your original standoffs for a cleaner look to the tray. Our “Deluxe” TNG trays (available at an upgrade cost) feature an integrated drive mount for stowing slim 2.5″ hard drives under the motherboard in a space within the tray.


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