Cutting Files


We have developed these cutting files at the Laser Hive, and they work! Please feel free to use these with our compliments. All we ask is that if you make a build log you acknowledge the cutting file as coming from us – give us a shout out!

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Many thanks.


G5 files.

Fan support.

These files are for a basic front fan support for the G5. It fills the space at the front of the case in a vertical line between the two rows of case nuts at the bottom of the case up to the DVD shelf. It is very easy to fit, but does rely on there being a couple of standoffs left at the front top of the case.  – the panel will just angle in and then drop into position between the two row of nuts.

I recommend it be cut from 4mm acrylic as it will then be a tight fit between the rows of nuts. 3mm is more flimsy, while 5mm will require you to remove the nuts from one row of studs to fit.

Twin 140 Fan support – pdf

Twin 140 Fan support – dxf

Twin 120 Fan support -pdf

Twin 120 Fan support – dxf

Please note we do not make these ourselves anymore as we find that there is a high risk of damage when sending them. However if you have access to  a local cutter then they can make an economic way to mount fans to your case conversion.

We do now make a fan support from folded aluminium and if you are interested in this then please get in touch – the cost is £20 or your currency equivalent.