Motherboard Tray

The ideal companion to our G5 backplates is the  mATX or ATX G5 Motherboard tray.

Also a great help if you are doing a minimal cut (just cutting the G5 I/O section away) or no-cut conversion to a G5.

Laser cut from 5mm acrylic and cut to fit the G5 and to align and locate it via original G5 standoffs. Unlike the prototype this does not require you to dremel down the original standoffs to mount the tray above it, but instead the tray locates flat against the G5 case via some of the original standoffs outside the normal motherboard footprint.

Extra location strength can be obtained by screwing the motherboard tray  to cut down  standoffs within the motherboard area or adhesive can be used to stick the board to the case once it is correctly aligned.

Using original standoff locations to automatically position the tray makes it fit correctly against the original PCI slot positions.

Two versions of the tray are now available  – a mATX version and a full ATX version.

For those builders who decide that they do not want to cut the G5 rear at all, both of our motherboard trays are ideal as on their own they provide a neat way of fixing your board without needing to buy full conversion kits or to resort to gluing your board or tray into place.

M3 threaded standoffs, screws for the standoffs and full instructions are included in the kit and here for download: Instructions for G5 kit (new revision)

Price: mATX version £20 UK, €25, $30. Full ATX version £30, €40, $45 ( + shipping).

Please note that this price does not include the various extra washers, screws and pieces for mounting the tray inside the case, but it does include holes that can be used to automatically align the tray so that the PCI slots sit at the correct place in relation to the tray. An additional screw kit with some M3 screws, washers and some M3.5 screws and washers for holding the tray to mount points in the G5 is available on request at a small extra charge.

For combined backplate and motherboard tray kits with all the fixings to give a fully professional looking result please see the relevant G5 product pages.


The above shows a full ATX motherboard tray to the latest design. This tray (and also the new design mATX tray) mounts to the existing screw points for the upper shelf as well as to up to 4 existing standoffs outside of the footprint of the motherboard.

All kits for the G5 now ship with the new motherboard tray design.

The photo below shows the mATX version of the motherboard tray and how it mounts to the shelf screws. Please note this photo shows the tray still with protective coverings in place.


mATX tray placed in position (shown with protective covering still in place).

Here is a view of the ATX version in place inside the case and with a motherboard mounted on it:

This shows how an ATX board can be securely mounted in the G5 using the new design motherboard trays. Mounting here allows the original 4 PCI slots to be used without any need for extra alignment.


All laser hive motherboard trays feature flame polished edges with rounded corners and strong threaded brass inserts that are provided with correctly sized standoffs.

Excellent quality 5mm perspex trays that don’t skimp on the fixings, do the job and look gorgeous without costing a fortune.


Boards that fit first time…..