Powermac G5 conversion products


G5 mATX conversion kits


These kits are now available in two versions “Original” and “120mm Fan”.


As it sounds, the “Original” kit keeps the look of the G5 with the twin 92mm fan holder, while the new “120mm Fan kit” is especially directed towards using the hugely popular 120 fans and allows direct fitment of 120mm water cooling solutions.

The Original

120mm Fan


Laser cut from 1.5mm aluminium to be just right.

The Original panel lets you re-position the original G5 fan grills to re-use them and keep as much of the original g5 back as possible.  As standard, the back panel comes brushed . The holes for mounting are suitable for 3mm fixings and line up with original holes in the G5 mesh. The panel holes can be countersunk (if you wish) and we can supply the 3mm nuts and c/s bolts as shown in the pictures.

The 120mm Fan kit has the same key features as The Original kit, but substitutes a 120mm fan mounting and a revised trim panel arrangement to allow a trouble free mounting of 120 fan and/or a 120mm radiator solution.

Take a look at the shots below for full details of the “Original” kit and see our new page here for the 120 fan kit:


It’s a very tight fit to be able to retain the great trim and look of the original slots – the I/O panel of mATX motherboards has to butt up flush against the first PCI slot wall.

To make things look right the panel pulls off a neat visual trick by providing a small 5mm strip of aluminium that separates the I/O area from the PCI area and actually overlaps the PCI slot recess slightly. This overlap is continued around the whole of the PCI slot area to give a balanced look that doesn’t affect the useability of the slots at all, but makes everything work well and look pleasing to the eye.


No cuts at all are needed to the PCI slot area, the plate simply goes around them to give the nicest visual result.

Re-use of the original trim – when it looks that good why would you want to throw it away?

The plate was painstakingly designed to conform to the shape of the original fan grills and the location of the tiny mounting screws.

While you can keep the original 92mm fans, we’d recommend you replace them with quiet modern fans of the same size.

The plate finishes at the right height so that inside the case you can choose whether or not to mount your ATX power supply inside the G5 power supply case.

As standard the plate comes with a brushed finish, however if you want you can of course customise yours or paint it to match the original G5 colouring.


Notable advantages over other panel conversions are:

1. The back is left as “open” as possible to retain the great airflow characteristics of the G5.

2. The conversion features repositioning of the original fan mountings to allow you to either keep the original fans or to mount new 92mm fans in the original housing.

3. The original PCI slots are retained, so there is no awkward cutting out of the original slots and grafting on of new ones – it keeps the original plastic sleeve around them too for a neat finish.

4. The mount holes line up with where there are already perforations in the original case so you can use m3 screws and nuts (can be supplied as part of your order) to fit all in place.

5. No need for you to cut a universal type backplate to trim to size.

6. If your own cuts to the G5 case aren’t neat the backplate will cover them up!

7. Because you re-use the original PCI slots, you can re-use the original standoffs too – just knock them out, attach them to your motherboard, get the JB weld (or strong 2 -part epoxy) out and glue the standoffs where they need to be. Let everything set over night and the next day all should be strong enough and good to go.

If you don’t like the idea of re-using your existing standoffs we can supply (and in fact 95% of our customers choose) our motherboard tray that fits around some of the original standoff locations – so you get everything in the right place. The motherboard trays are also an excellent buy on their own if you are thinking of making a “no-cut” or “small-cut” conversion as in that case you can mount everything to the PCI slots trouble free and have minimal cutting to the back panel to feed your cables in and out.

 For full details of the various kits  – including now our range of FULL ATX kits and for detailed pricing information please see the drop down menu pages from the menu bar.


All comments and questions are very welcome.

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  2. Jake Says:

    Hi, is this for a mATX or a full size ATX?

  3. TheHive Says:

    Hi Jake,
    Currently (November 13 2012) the kits are for mATX. I do make ATX motherboard trays, but not ATX backplates yet.
    ATX backplates ARE in development and currently I am awaiting arrival of a new design of full ATX IO shields to base my backplate design around. The IO shields are being made specially to match the G5. I hope to have the full ATX backplate kits in production sometime in December.

  4. lukas Says:

    Really nice. Would you do a 120mm full ATX backplate for the MacPro, that would be really nice.

  5. Joe Says:

    These backplates are really good! I am interested in getting one (along with one of your mb trays for a G5 conversion, but the motherboard will be ATX not mATX. I see the comment above regarding these kits being for mATX only, but aren’t the I/O for mATX and ATX exactly the same? Would these backplates not also work for ATX MB with no modification (but in combination with one of your existing G5 ATX motherboard trays?


  6. Joe Says:

    [Ignore above comment!]

    Have just seen the full ATX backplates! Whilst the I/O would probably have worked, the full ATX has more slots at the top, hence needing the new backplate design (which looks great by the way)


  7. Antoine Guitera Says:

    How can I buy it?

  8. TheHive Says:

    You email me at info@thelaserhive.com and we take it from there!
    Payment is by paypal once I know what you would like to order and where you are.
    Look forward to hearing from you!

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  11. Willie Says:

    i have a question. i’ve read your Laser Hive Facebook account. And i see something what is very interesting for me. i saw on your FB that you have made a full atx backplate with integrated ATX power supply holder! How can i buy these atx backplate with integrated power supply holder? i want this so much!

    Greetings, Willie

  12. WillG5 Says:

    Hi Laser Hive, i’ve read on your FB that you have a full ATX backplate with integraded Power Supply Holder. I want this gladly for the G5!

    Greeting, WillG5

  13. TheHive Says:

    Hi there,
    Just drop me an email to info@thelaserhive.com with your shipping address, paypal email address and I can then send your more info/ a paypal invoice.
    Many thanks,

  14. TheHive Says:

    See my reply to your other comment!
    PS sorry for the slow replies but I have just come back from a family wedding…

  15. Moon Says:

    I’d like to buy a backplate 120mm Ver. Can you send it to South Korea? Plz send me an E-mail. (pijune@hanmail.net)
    And I can pay by a paypal.

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