Welcome To The Hive 


2015 is the year to dust off that old Mac case and get it modded.

At the Laser Hive the product range is expanding, with the long awaited arrival of front panel kits for G5s/Mac Pros and the new integrated backplate/PSU holders now on offer.

NEW!!! See all of our G5 Kit instructions on Issuu.com in user friendly format for viewing or download


 If you are looking for an efficient way to realise your designs in acrylic, wood, card, leather or other laserable materials then you have come to the right place. Laser hire can be surprisingly affordable and could even work out at less than £1 a unit when producing many designs from a single piece.....

Plan Bee means three simple services:

1. You design it.....and we'll cut it.

You can start with your own design sent to us in one of a number of formats. We work from CorelDraw but can accept files in Dxf, SVG, and a selection of other formats. Our Tutorials page shows you how to use a free program to get things into the right format for us. Remember saved time for us means cash saved for you!

2. We design it ....and you buy it

We are building up our range of in house designs. Pick a design, pick a material and (optionally) personalise with extra cut-outs, text or logos. Why have a boring generic product when you can have a one off at a reasonable price? Come back soon and explore our shop.

3. You design...and others buy

This innovative concept means you can post your own design on the site and if others like it and want to use it you will receive a 10% royalty for every example bought by others.

Local designers - if you live within driving distance of Hebden Bridge why not call me and arrange to drop by. Let's talk about what a laser could do for your designs and business. The kettle is always on. 

International designers - Because our service is so cost effective, being on the other side of the world is no barrier. Email us with what you need and we'll give you a competitive quote. 


 Tell us what you want and we'll do it! You want full ATX laser cut G5 backplates - we'll do it; You want products for Mac Pro - they are coming.....watch this space. Currently shipping to the whole world. Wherever you are we will send you the goods at the right prices.

Call today: 01422 844919 or email info@thelaserhive.com